Senator Heath Announces Re-Election Campaign

Rock Solid Conservative, Taxpayer Champion for New Jobs & Tax Cuts

State Senator Bill Heath, the conservative chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, announced today that he will seek re-election to the 31st Senate District. Widely respected as one of the most conservative leaders in state government today, Heath is running on his long track record of consistent conservative leadership and an oath to continue his brand of principled conservative initiatives.

Said Heath: “It is a great honor to serve the people of Paulding, Haralson and Polk Counties in the State Senate. I have decided to seek re-election because I strongly believe that now, perhaps more than ever before, it is critical that we have rock solid conservatives in our state legislature.”

“I proudly led the fight for a huge tax cut that passed the Senate unanimously. We can say goodbye to the annual car tag tax, and our seniors can rest easy that their tax exemption is safe. I proudly supported the most important pro-life legislation in decades and strong new enforcements to stop illegal immigration. I have also supported strong pro-jobs measures that are slowly but surely helping Georgia’s economy get back on track. It takes conservative leadership, not backslapping politicians, to get our economy moving again. I am proudly and aggressively putting our conservative principles into action. While others ‘talk’ about being ‘effective’, I have been working hard to get the job done and truly deliver on our conservative values at the State Capitol.”

“I know my opponents are planning a typical politician’s campaign full of non sense, half truths and personal attacks. My oath to the voters is simple. I will never embarrass you with my personal, public or business behavior. I will always provide consistent, rock solid, conservative leadership.”

Republican Senator Bill Heath was elected to the Georgia State Senate in 2005 after serving in the House of Representatives. After the redistricting of 2011, the new 31st District will comprise Haralson, Polk and a substantial portion of Paulding county.

A native Georgian, Sen. Heath and his wife Susan have two children, William who has been called to preach and Sandy who has been called to teach. They attend First Baptist Church of Bremen where Sen. Heath serves as a Deacon. Bill is self-employed as both an engineer with Design Specialists and farmer with B&S Farms.

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