Is it Mother’s Day or Mothers’ Day?

Anna Jarvis is given credit for founding Mother’s Day.  Anna was born in 1864 as one of eleven children.  At the conclusion of a Bible lesson on mothers, her mother prayed a very short prayer hoping that someone would found a mother’s day to commemorate the matchless service mothers render to humanity in every field of life.

Anna never married and never bore any children of her own and therefore never personally experienced the pleasures and struggles of being a mother.  Anna’s mother died in 1905.  Determined to honor her mother and realizing that adult children were negligent in demonstrating respect towards their parents, Anna began her effort to establish a National Mother’s Day in the U.S.  Anna made steady progress in her efforts to establish a national holiday commemorating our mothers.  Finally by 1914, President Woodrow Wilson made an official announcement proclaiming the second Sunday in May each year as a national holiday celebrating Mother’s Day.

As I reflect upon my own mother and the sacrifices she has made for me, many fond memories come to mind.  There has never been a time that I questioned my mother’s love for me.  Sure there were times when I didn’t appreciate her actions at the time but looking back I know that she put it all on the line for me.

I must credit my mother for many of the values and beliefs that are deeply ingrained in me.  It was her that cared for every need I had as a child, especially those I could not provide for myself.  It was her that taught me to love and care for others.  It was through her teaching and example that I recognized my need for a relationship with Christ.  It was my mother that first pointed out to me the existence and necessity of a moral compass.  I am thankful for a loving mother who prays for me continually.  She has certainly had the opportunity and plenty of practice!

For many years there has been an ongoing debate over whether it should be written “Mother’s Day” or “Mothers’ Day.”  Clearly “Mother’s Day”, the singular form, puts the emphasis on honoring one’s own mother.  The plural form places the emphasis on honoring all mothers.  If we will each focus on honoring our own mother we will accomplish the task of honoring mothers as a group.

If you still have your mother please use this email as a reminder of the very special day coming up this Sunday to recognize her and thank her for being your mother.  Do something special for her.  Lord knows she has sacrificed for you.  It is unfortunate that Mother’s Day has been commercialized just as many other holidays, but get her a card at the very least.  Give her a call.  Better yet visit her, share a meal with her and give her a big hug.

It is truly a pleasure to represent you in the State Senate.  I don’t ever take for granted the sacred trust you lent me when you elected me to represent you.  If there is ever any issue that I might help you with, please call on me.  Minimizing the burdens that government places upon you and your liberty is something I work on each and every day.

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